About Krish -aka- KC 

Glad you're here! I firmly believe that a designer should have a great patience to listen, empathize, synthesize, iterate, story telling and with a craftsmanship skills to create an impactful design. How good is a Product which is not just a tool, but serves you like a best friend understanding your needs and surprising in advance? I aspire to collaborate with challenges that allow to explore design strategies, maintain user-centered design methodologies, and who thrive for perfection, to create innovative, usable user interfaces, ensuring high user experience. A 100% tech believer that one day technology becomes accessible as fancy as shown in sci-fi movies. If I’m not behind my work or at gym you can find me, cooking chicken or biryani, dreaming about technology or at gym. I’m based in Milton Toronto, Canada but originally from the city of pearls Hyderabad, India.

Feel free to contact me or ping me if you would like to get in touch. chkrishnachaitanya9@gmail.com,+1 (437) 988 4429.

You can find my detailed experience on LinkedIn or in my Resume

I'm still learning about UX methodologies, Human physiology to "bring new innovations through designs to world. An interesting part of me that my colleagues always say that without your presence there's no fun and productive day!     

Some of my works have been featured in industry publications.
↗  Blockchains and Education - disrupting Higher Education
↗  Adding soon
↗  Adding soon

Some of my
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