Zoho Sheet is an online spreadsheet application that helps you create powerful spreadsheets with your team in real time. It helps you collect, clean, organize, share, analyze, and visualize your data with ease and efficiency. Zoho Sheet also provides native apps for both iOS and Android, thus, not tethering users to their laptops. This is a course project that me and my teammates were assigned to simplify the user experience in mobile deivces, where as the current sheet is complex to the user.


Zoho Corporation

Project Duration

2016 -2017 


Akhil, Balaji, Chandu, Krishna, Srinivas

My Role

Team leader   

*This is a side project which was done during the employment with Bonaven

Key Skills

Concept Ideation
Design system       
User research 
Usability testing

User research and insights 

A 7 day workshop was conducted with the various stake holders to understand their needs and problems they were facing with sheets.      
My research encompassed below

• Understating the user behaviour while working with sheets.   

• What are the tasks they do on daily basis in a mobile spreadsheet.

• How often do they use spreadsheets.

• Features they need. 

• Under what circumstances they use sheet.       

Interviews insights

At early stage , we identified and spoke to some excel and spreadsheet users and categorized them as beginners, mid users and power users. We gathered data and asked questions with regard to their usage on daily basis in a mobile spreadsheet applicaiton . based on the results we started design with our 1st version.   

Power /Everyday users

We identified everyday user is our important user group. these user groups mostly rely on their mobile for dy to day tasks mostly. after interviewing this group we reached at certain point where most of the users were looking for a basic formulas, formatting and sharing between teams.


Mid users

We categorized this group as mid-level users, hence they uses this app twice in a week. Members in this category uses the app for view and edit the existing sheets which has been created in desktops and or shared by others.This group users gave some insights to us that they were expecting some basic funcationalites and visual appearnce of desktop application in the mobile application.



This group users uses the applications occassionally like once in a week. Most of them were uses the application for viewing and sharing the doucuments between the teams and they want to use some basic functionalities of excel sheet. 

Design process 

After conducting countless user interviews, contextual inquiry and analyzing the gathered data, we started desiging the application using agile methodologies. Since this is the first version of a mobile sheet that there is a vast need. as you know Agile methodology is key to complete tasks as early as possible and it's best pratice for key development.

design process agile


We started designing user flow from sketching out a typical user journey based on the insights and data of specific tasks of the application. Once we established the user journe, we started to design the flow for other general use cases.   


design process agile


I started creating the information architecture and low-fi concepts for primary use cases, we began to conduct usability tests with the low-fidelity mockups. Once we had confidence in the design, we began digitalizing designs.



Adding more details soon!